Support can be provided by recognising particular areas of difficulty and working through them one to one or in shared group activity sessions.

SATCH extends support to people who are victims of targeted abuse and harassmentand extends to individuals on low incomes, their carers, family members, individuals with difficulties managing personal health challenges and who have been unable to initiate support from
mainstream health organisations for whatever reason.

SATCH will identify whether there are particular issues contributing tosocial exclusion and isolation targeted harassment and abuse by developing personal strategies, milestones, goals, use of life coaching skills to improve the quality of life of individuals. 

Practical help is also offered through advocacy networks,
help with drafting letters to prospective agencies, referral bodies. Help with finding employment, gaining new skills, sharpening existing skills which could open the door to self-employment, improving health and wellbeing.

Hosting activities which encourages shared experiences and social integration, build trust and confidence. SATCH believes that individuals find practical solutions to the problem of targeted abuse and harassment, as well as signpost individuals to selected organisations, groups for ongoing help and support.

Just as social isolation affects different people in different ways
how it can be resolved will also be different. Therefore, SATCH will assist people to identify and access a range of different activities including:

Training Programmes
Self Help Groups
Health & Wellbeing Activities
Counselling & Alternative Therapies
Social & Sports Activities


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Fax: +44 0203 318 0854
Email: info@satch.org.uk