Targeted Individual Day 29 August 2019 where a large crowd of demonstrators and protestors
converged outside the BBC Broadcasting House, Portaland Place, London W1A 1AA. It was good speaking to a number of individuals who have travelled both nationally and internationally to demonstrate their support for one another against hate crime involving
organized stalking, cyber stalking, electronic harassment, physical and verbal abuse, racial harassment, no touch torture by means of Remote neural monitoring/Neuro-Surveillance
Implanted RFID’s non consensual weapons. 
Classified non-lethal weapons jointly developed by DOJ/DOD for Criminal Justice have been permitted for use on targeted individuals by the DOJ. There has been no consent, no public disclosure which has preceded this usage. The technology and usage of the weapons themselves are covert/undisclosed; known as Secret Policing, and everyone should educate themselves about it! 
Many passers by welcomed this information and for those who had heard about the use of covert weapons,  it was a good opportunity to engage in healthy discussions and further promote the aims of the campaign.


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