our values

Integrity through knowledge:
Our integrity is grounded in our unique knowledge base, which comes from our research and years of working directly with those suffering isolation, exclusion and from the various types of targeted abuse. Hate crime not easily understood by mainstream national health and government organisations.

Confidence and Wellbeing:
We give individuals the tools to help themselves out of hopelessness, upholding their dignity and building confidence. Trust is one area that we recognise is key to sustaining healthy partnerships. Many targeted individuals have experienced betrayals and breach of trust issues from the people in positions of authority who should have helped them most. We are mindful of this sensitive area and act with compassion, a sense of common decency, and with integrity in helping them build self-esteem and trust back into their lives.

Fearlessness through independence:
Our independence grants us not just the ability, but also the responsibility to be fearless and say what needs to be said to help those who have suffered hate crime particularly those targeted individuals from specific covert abuse. 

We are adaptive to the changes that targeted individuals face in their everyday lives and willing to change what we do when we know what works – and has been proven. Flexibility is a must when working alongside TI’s and their families.

Resolve to end Abuse:
Through our resolve to campaign against hate crime, the issues which affect Targeted Individuals we draw our resolve from the injustice that is hate crime against a particular group of individuals who we are aware are being sidelined unjustly. We continue to conduct research into the areas of targeted abuse and harassment and campaign on behalf of targeted individuals and those suffering isolation and social exclusion.


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